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Agra, India


The Taj Mahal, a wonder of the world. This was the reason for our trip to India. As we approached the city of Agra, seeing the Taj Mahal in the distance for the first time, our behavior became childlike, giddy with excitement. The mausoleum was commissioned at the request of Mughal emperor Shan Jahan, in memory of his third and favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. The Taj Mahal is said to be the finest example of Indian, Islamic, Persian, and Ottoman Turkish styles of architecture. The Taj Mahal was spectacular, better than we could have imagined. Seeing it with our own eyes was a longtime dream finally fulfilled.

India: what to pack



Here are some of the items that you should have when traveling to India:

-Bottled water: drink plenty to stay hydrate

-Hand sanitizer

-Sun lotion: remember to reapply throughout the day



-Evian spray: spray on your face before reapplying sun lotion

-Odomos: the hotel had it available for us. It is a mosquito repellent in a cream form that smells great, is safe for kids (no deet) and available all over India.

We also packed probiotics (which we took everyday), Pepto Bismol, Imodium, antibiotics, Germ Fighter inhaler and mosquito repellent that contains deet.

Remember to consult a doctor before you travel to answer your questions and make specific recommendations for you.

Safe travels!

Cy & Rich

Picture by Cy

Up close and personal in Delhi, India


We always wanted to travel to India. India is one of those places that isn’t on everyone’s bucket list. In fact most people responded “why?”, when we told them we were planning to vacation there. We weren’t sure what to expect, but what we found was an amazing country full of contrasts dividing the “have’s and have not’s”. A land of beautiful colors, curries, traffic jams and millions of people somehow living in mutual harmony. We can only describe India as sensory overload, but the kind that had us yearning for more.